Hear about Old Edinburgh History

Open Up A Buried Old World With New Eyes And Discover The Identity Of The Lost Girl  Who Is Trying Not To Be Found In The Heart Of Scotland.

Everywhere we step we cannot escape the past as it imprints itself on our life.  Ready for the next step?

Unfortunately she is never alone even when there's no one around.  She is not alone even she thinks she is.

Take a few easy steps around the Scottish Old Town with our nameless heroine  and find out who she is before her enemy does.

This story will teach you all you need to know about getting lost in Edinburgh. You'll learn a moment that was bloody and see the stories that shaped the cobbles.  

Tired of adventure she gets to the heart of the matter.

If you have no interest in medieval folklore or Celtic legends then read no more.  This is not for you.


What Makes A Person Disappear

There are so many factors that contribute to a disappearance and one of them makes you snap.


Who Was She?

The unknown girl goes back to visit the place on the old train ticket


The Real Reason She Is Lost Makes Her Stay Gone Forever

Have you made these mistakes? If so, you know why she is being pursued.


How’s The Journey Home?

She is infact living next to her home and doesn't know it.


Unbury Your Dead

Edinburgh reveals it's dead at night and the sounds that roll along the Royal Mile finally becomes her friend.


Keep Truth Moving Through The Body

Her body is where she really makes the case for the solution. She needs someone to find her story in time.  Being alone kills her.


Prove It To Me

They want to nail the suspect and are told you must have proof about what you claim. The information to convict is out there. Unfortunately it is the suspect who also shows you how, and where, to use the truth.


Make Me Live

The offer is one of the most important parts of her life.  She needs to be strong.  She does not want to show the secrets.


I Guarantee It

No one wants to take a chance and she has tried before.  She will reveal the mysteries and will always feel safe.  That was the promise.


The Final Blow

The truth tightens her life and things cannot be the same.